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Energy Intelligence

Optima has been providing advanced software for managing and analysing energy data for over 25 years.

Today our software is used by large end users and Consultants to manage the energy data for over 4,500 organisations and 250,000 sites.

Solutions for all your energy data.

Optima provides a complete platform for storing, validating and analysing all elements of your energy data.  Scalable to handle tens of thousands of meters, it provides a suite of modules for all aspects of energy management.

Visualizer: easy to use analytics for everyone.


Optima Visualizer is a web based self service reporting platform that delivers stunning reports and dashboards that are fully user configurable.

Built as a massively scalable cloud based analytics platform, users can report and analyse their Optima data quickly and easily.  

Visualizer provides a rich user experience to discover insights into your data, allowing everyone in the organisation to understand what’s going on.

Managers can use aggregated reports for any number of meters to view the big picture, whilst operations staff can see what’s happening at the most granular level.

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