Optima Energy, a leading developer and provider of advanced energy management software, has seen a leap in the number of enquiries it is receiving as organisations seek to bolster their energy data systems.

Optima says the growing threat of cyber-attacks is the number one reason more companies are seeking to invest in advanced software to keep sensitive data safe.

A growing number of the enquiries it has received over the last six months are from NHS Trusts. To help energy and IT professionals working in the healthcare sector beat the growing threat of cyber-crime Optima has published The Good Sleep Guide which provides insight into the 7 ways the NHS can prevent energy data security nightmares.

Steve Kemp, Optima Energy’s Business Development Director, says: “The number of cyber-security threats is growing all the time. Energy data is one of the areas most at risk from attack, but often gets overlooked. The value of energy-related data is considerable and hackers are always trying to find innovative ways to infiltrate systems. And it is the fact that these cyber threats can go unnoticed until the real damage is clear that makes them so dangerous. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of making sure energy data systems are robust and secure.”

Energy has always been a cornerstone of Optima Energy’s activities. It is compliant with several ongoing security initiatives, including full accreditation for the Information Security Management Standard ISO 27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials Plus, which is a Government-backed scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

Mr Kemp added: “By its very nature data protection will always be a moving target. Which is why it makes sense to work alongside partners who are not only compliant with industry standards but also have a track-record of ensuring energy security. By investing in secure energy management software businesses can enjoy peace of mind in at least one major area of operations.”

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