Optima software is secure by design

At Optima Energy, we’re on a mission to deliver world-class and efficient software for the management and analysis of utility data. For our customers – many of whom are amongst the UK’s largest energy users and best-known utilities consultancies – it’s critical to understand the detail of how we deliver optimum security.

Optima Energy Security Whitepaper

We have prepared this easy-to-read question and answer document. Covering all of the queries we’re often asked – and organised around clear section headings – we explain, in plain English, our whole business approach to information security. Whether you are a customer, a partner or a supplier – or you are thinking of using our software in your own organisation, it tells you everything you need to know.


Everything you need to know

Our information security methodology and culture sets us apart from other utility data businesses. In fact, it underpins the way we do business from the earliest stages of product development and continues right through to delivery and support. Our whitepaper shows you how seriously we take information security at Optima; our ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications aren’t just badges of honour, our software is secure by design.

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About us
Established in 1988 originally as a partnership and incorporated in 1991, Optima develop and support advanced software for managing and analysing energy data for some of the largest energy users and consultants in the UK.

  • BSI 27001 certified
  • BSI 22301 certified
  • BSI 9001 certified