A new guide aimed at helping NHS energy and IT professionals beat the growing threat of cyber-crime has been published by a leading energy management software company.

Optima Energy’s The Good Sleep Guide provides insight into the 7 ways the NHS can prevent energy data security nightmares.

The publication of the guide, which is available to download here, comes at a time when the company is seeing increased interest from NHS trusts and public sector organisations who are seeking to better protect their energy data from the growing threat of cyber-attacks and the ensuing regulatory action.

Steve Kemp, Business Development Director at Optima Energy, comments: “When it comes to energy data security, we believe there is a role for specialists like Optima Energy to guide healthcare professionals and organisations through the entire process – from ensuring that the software they are using meets current and future requirements, to undertaking regular updates and health checks once the system has been installed.

“We have published our e-book to show energy and IT professionals working within the healthcare sector how we can help keep them protected for the long-term. The number of online threats may be growing all the time, but by investing in secure energy management software, they can have peace of mind and let our experts take the strain. The e-book also covers other non-security issues facing NHS energy professionals including the need for validation of pass through costs on energy bills.”

To download The Good Sleep Guide; 7 ways we prevent energy data security nightmares, click here.


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