The volatility within wholesale energy markets means it is vital to be able to analyse offers and identify the best option quickly because suppliers can withdraw offers at any time.

The optima™ Contract & Tariff Analysis module enables Consultants and Energy Managers to take full advantage of these market conditions by enabling supplier bids to be analysed quickly and accurately. Half hourly and non-half hourly electricity and natural gas accounts can be analysed to provide a detailed analysis of what is the best offer on both an individual account and best overall supplier basis. A typical scenario of analysing 300 half-hourly accounts against six offers would take less than 15 minutes. Analysis of pass through contracts is supported and a database of Distribution Use of System (DUoS) and Transmission (TUoS) charges and losses is maintained and provided as part of the package.

The optional Tendering Pack provides enhanced features for tracking renewals, issuing Notice of Termination documents, and for Brokers calculating commission invoices. The Tendering Pack workflow enables the entire tendering process to be tracked and managed across the entire portfolio so that you have instant visibility of the exact position of all outstanding renewals on demand. From the production of tender documentation through to the most detailed cost analysis, optima™ streamlines the whole procurement process.


Manage the entire tender process

Never miss a renewal

Issue NOT’s

Export Tendering data in supplier friendly formats

Load contract offers in bulk

Analyse HH and NHH accounts

Compare ‘Fully Inclusive’ and ’Pass Through’ offers

Identify best supplier per account or best overall

Analyse Gas contracts

Brokers: Commission invoicing

Brokers: Managed workflow

Brokers: Create custom documents

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Established in 1988 originally as a partnership and incorporated in 1991, Optima develop and support advanced software for managing and analysing energy data for some of the largest energy users and consultants in the UK.

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