The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) is an emissions trading scheme that aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the UK. Organisations in the UK consuming over 6,000MWh of electricity per annum in the qualification year of 2013 will be taxed for the carbon dioxide emissions that are attributable to energy consumption.

Organisations are required to monitor and report all energy use emissions from all sources – electricity, gas and other fuels. All estimated consumption figures will be subject to an automatic 10% uplift. So now, more than ever, organisations should take measures to monitor and benchmark their energy usage.

The optima™ Carbon Footprint software is an invaluable tool, enabling you to submit accurate energy consumption data and to produce quickly and easily the Footprint and Annual Reports required to comply with CRC.

Other Customers use the software for calculating their emissions for Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Carbon Disclosure Project.


Calculate your CRC exposure and your carbon emission payment

Evaluate all your greenhouse gas emissions for an accurate carbon footprint

Regular and accurate CRC exposure updates

Regular annual, regulatory reporting and CRC evidence pack

Carbon standard certification

Early detection of energy waste

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Established in 1988 originally as a partnership and incorporated in 1991, Optima develop and support advanced software for managing and analysing energy data for some of the largest energy users and consultants in the UK.

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