Optima Utility Billing System is the most advanced bill validation analysis software available, but this is only part of the process for getting a refund from the Suppliers that have overcharged you.

Most organisations manage their supplier invoice queries using spreadsheets and email, but this is very time consuming and you soon end up with people looking at different versions of the same information and time is wasted by finding out which is the most up to date.

It’s much easier and efficient to have one version of the truth, which is why Optima have developed Query Manager, which is a hosted web platform that allows Optima users to automatically generate billing queries and share them with their Suppliers in a secure environment. Notes and messages can be added into the query so that everyone had visibility of progress, without the need to keep referring to email attachments and spreadsheets that are never up to date.

For Consultants who use Optima to run their Bureau Services, Queries can be shared with both Suppliers and you Customers if required.


One version of your correspondence on queries

Automatically populate the details without manual typing

Monitor the number and value of queries

Keep track of savings achieved

Evaluate supplier performance and SLA’s

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Established in 1988 originally as a partnership and incorporated in 1991, Optima develop and support advanced software for managing and analysing energy data for some of the largest energy users and consultants in the UK.

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